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Building an investment plan and an optimal asset allocation strategy that meet your unique objectives requires careful consideration. In today’s complex world of investing, just like any other area of one’s life, working with a professional team is essential. Our clients work hard to build their wealth and savings. Their portfolios have reached a level where money management is pivotal. At Cornerstone Wealth Advisory, we work with you to build an investment strategy that aligns with your financial priorities. Investment objectives are fluid — changing over time as the years go by and life unfolds.

How will you use the returns from your investments?

Which investments are geared towards that objective, and which will be most tax efficient to utilize first?

In building customized client portfolios, our advisor’s leverage an open architecture platform that affords access to the full breadth of investment options across various asset classes. No proprietary funds or third party distribution arrangements interfere. We are focused on managing risks to our client’s wealth, employing a disciplined process to making investment decisions and monitoring market outcomes to ensure that we continue to navigate toward an identified objective. We customize a global asset allocation and investment strategy, while also seeking portfolio tax optimization.

We combine asset classes using a total return perspective to obtain the most suitable combinations of expected return, risk and volatility. We also take into account tax considerations and how you can plan and invest to meet those expenses. We can analyze your cash flows now and into the future to determine the appropriate positioning of your portfolio to help generate the desired objectives.

Let us help you achieve your important goals and determine time frames that align with your lifestyle. We will decipher your level of risk with the goal of minimizing the tax impact to your investment strategy. Investing is only one aspect of what we do. Our experience is in proper planning, wealth management, and the accumulation and protection of wealth.