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All wealth creators must one day face the decision about how they will allocate their wealth in a way that is consistent with their values and desired legacy.

Philanthropic giving emanates logically out of planning for how much will go to the government, to the children, an issue frequently fraught with challenges, or to a favorite charity. There is an opportunity to be intentional with one’s giving. As professionals, we evaluate all of the unintended consequences, and continue to measure all that is possible.

Once trusts and financial considerations are established for children, charitable giving often becomes the next most preferred option. We seek to position client’s financial, estate, retirement and charitable planning strategically so that we can help mitigate or eliminate what would potentially go to the government, and instead recapture those dollars back to children or philanthropy.

The effective use of legacy gift planning can have a powerful impact on your family’s overall measure of wealth. Practicing philanthropy as a family can bring you closer together, and is often the most powerful common bond across multiple generations.

Giving in a meaningful and intentional way requires as much planning and vigilance over execution as a family’s investment plan.

Depending on how they are structured, planned legacy gifts may provide you with increased current income, reduced income tax, lower capital gains tax, the ability to pass assets to your family at a reduced tax cost, and make significant donations to those charities that reflect your values.