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Asset protection is a critical component of an enduring financial plan. Positioning a “moat” around the “castle” which you have worked hard to create is essential.

Our advisors connect your unique circumstances with the best fitting coverage options to make sure you are protected.

With your Cornerstone team, you can be assured of a collaborative process to assess and evaluate your individual objectives.

Trust comes from years of protecting families rebuild and recover from events large and small, and sharing experience designed to keep people and assets out of harm’s way. It’s a reputation we are proud to have earned, and one we take very seriously.

Protecting our client’s assets, income and lifestyle requires the optimal calibration of the ownership of your assets and alignment with the insurance protection you have in place.

We provide an independent review of existing personal and employer provided insurance coverage, suitability, sustainability and carrier performance in relation to plan objectives. We determine if they are likely to accomplish the objectives that were originally set, and if not, offer appropriate recommendations and alternatives.

Insurance transfers the financial risk of life’s events to an insurance company. A sound insurance strategy can help protect your family or business from the financial consequences of those events. Closing the gap on potential risks can be challenging without evaluating risks and determining the proper insurance coverage to mitigate those risks.

Our team will review and analyze your existing insurance portfolio to ensure the company and existing plan design is secure, and in line with your current goals and objectives. They will perform a cost/benefit analysis, to assess if there is any vulnerability with your current plan and ways to create greater value to prepare you for tomorrow. We are independently licensed and can work with any company or plan design.

Choosing an optimal, individualized protection plan requires a thorough audit of the risks inherent in your life along with your unique risk/reward tolerance, goals and objectives.